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I-ntarsia Directions

I-ntarsia is a Digital Service Platform bringing the power Drupal 8 content management and ecommerce system to the widest range of digital architects, designers and corporate end users.

We use the I-ntarsia Directions list to post articles, announce new products and services as well as to make unique offers to subscribers. If you are involved with the development and operation of one or more websites then you may benefit from our announcements on this list.

Subscribers should expect no more than one mail per week as an absolute maximum from this list.

Are you a Digital Barista?

March 27th 2019

Many agencies exaggerate their competence in web service delivery. Get some GoDaddy hosting, pop an instance of Wordpress on there, and suddenly you are a "digital agency". Customers accept this because, as Erasmus said "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king". We don't think it should be like that which is why we are encouraging creative agencies to become Digital Baristas using the I-ntarsia Platform. [1]https://www.i-ntarsia.com/article/platform-digital-barist ...Continue Reading

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