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Are you a Digital Barista?

March 27th 2019

Many agencies exaggerate their competence in web service delivery. Get some GoDaddy hosting, pop an instance of Wordpress on there, and suddenly you are a "digital agency". Customers accept this because, as Erasmus said "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king". We don't think it should be like that which is why we are encouraging creative agencies to become Digital Baristas using the I-ntarsia Platform. [1]https://www.i-ntarsia.com/article/platform-digital-barist ...Continue Reading

Decouple Drupal 8 - Unlock the Magic

February 6th 2019

Hi, Following the recent post by Dries Buytaert about 'How to decouple Drupal in 2019' I have written about our experiences on a live decoupled project in 2018. [1]Decouple Drupal 8 - Unlock the Magic ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope that proves interesting. Regards, John [1] https://www.i-ntarsia.com/article/decouple-drupal-8-unlock-magic ...Continue Reading

The 5P Challenges of Delivering Web Projects for SME Developers

October 4th 2018

I wrote this article on LinkedIn, but thought it might be useful to reproduce it here for those who don't use that platform. --------------------------------------------------------------------- According to LinkedIn over 85% of the 28,000 agencies offering web development services in the UK have ten or fewer people. Web development is a fast moving and skill intensive area, so what challenges does this create for these SME developers? Having worked in the industry since 1995 I have summarised ...Continue Reading

I-Next Drupal 8 Entrepreneurship

September 10th 2018

After a relaxed and quiet August, I thought I would post a reminder that applications for our 2018 Drupal 8 Entrepreneurship programme close at the end of September. Details of the programme can be found here: [1]https://www.i-ntarsia.com/entrepreneurship [1] https://www.i-ntarsia.com/entrepreneurship ...Continue Reading

There are 10 Million Reasons to Read This

July 31st 2018

In [1]this post I posed the question ‘Who is Processing Your Data’ highlighting some potential GDPR issues with normal website hosting services versus the I-ntarsia managed platform. It was in response to an email from a company marketing manager who’s MD asked who was doing a plethora of data processing tasks. Worrying stuff. Late last night we received notification from the Drupal folks that a moderately critical security release was being made available late on Wednesday 1st August (a fant ...Continue Reading

Hacked Website Report

July 18th 2018

I am often asked to supply information to support the choice of Drupal for a project. [1]This document from Sucuri is something I think will be useful in doing just that. It is an analysis of security issues with real installations of the top CMS platforms. Drupal is by far the best performer in the top 4 systems, 52 times less likely to be hacked than Wordpress . However, the report concludes that this is not a direct reflection on the core software (although that is a significant factor) ...Continue Reading

Freshchat Trial

July 12th 2018

I-Next has been run on a ‘work anywhere’ ethos for almost 10 years now. We have all of our systems in the cloud and have had teams working ,very successfully, around the globe for all of that time. One of our primary tools for cooperative working has been our secure, internal, instant messaging system which we use constantly throughout the working day. The only drawback to this system has been that it is only for our internal staff. We have looked for ‘sensible’ customer and public facing system ...Continue Reading

Drupal 8 Entrepreneurship

July 4th 2018

As finals fade into memory, digital media graduates will be looking for their ‘next step’. Today’s gig economy means that working freelance or setting up a small agency is a serious option. We’d like to help - consider this: * You could take your digital skills in UI/UX and front-end to customers safe in the knowledge that you have a world-class team behind you handling all of the backend issues: Hosting, OS, Drupal updates, security, GDPR etc. * You could talk to a business ...Continue Reading

Resourcing Digital Project Teams

June 27th 2018

For many years I have used an analogy to explain to project stakeholders how they should look at resourcing their digital projects and how a service platform like I-ntarsia fits in. I have finally got around to writing an overview on LinkedIn: [1]https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/resourcing-digital-project-team-launch-orbit-model-john-hannawin/ I hope you find that useful. [1] https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/resourcing-digital-project-team-launch-orbit-model-john-hannawin/ ...Continue Reading

I-ntarsia GitLab Service

June 19th 2018

The announcement that [1]Microsoft is acquiring GitHub for $7.5Bn has prompted a flurry of questions about the future from customers who know that the [2]I-ntarsia MDSP has a git based service integrated. I thought I’d post some clarification for all concerned. What is git? It is important to be clear on the differences between terms that get bandied about in these circumstances. Git is a version control system for tracking changes to computer files and coordinating those between m ...Continue Reading