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Who Is Processing Your Data?

June 8th 2018

For some time now, I have used the simple diagram on [1]this page to illustrate what the I-ntarsia Managed Digital Service Platform is in comparison with other services. During the recent scramble for GDPR compliance it was amusing to receive a scan of that diagram attached to an enquiry from a marketing manager. The gist of the enquiry was: “The MD passed me copy of a diagram from your website that she’d written some notes on. I asked our digital agency and the answers they gave me ...Continue Reading

Introducing I-ntarsia Directions

May 17th 2018

Introducing I-ntarsia Directions ================================ This is the first, introductory, posting to the newly formed I-ntarsia Directions announcement service. It's no secret that this service has been created out of the need for GDPR compliance. To make my life easier I decided to amalgamate our previous, unstructured and varied mailing lists into one, consent driven, announcement service for customers partners and anyone else who's interested in what we are doing. I'm very gratefu ...Continue Reading
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